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FTW Full Intelligent Turbine Flow Meter

Characteristics: Apply to the measurement of clean water and oil system, high accuracy. Wide range of measurement, high accuracy up to 0.1m/s. The structure is simple and easy to install. The turbine use material which is resistant to attrition, long life. Installed with magnetism strainer, can prevent the adsorption of ferromagnetic chips.


Full intelligent flow meter mainly consists of body and turbine. There are four blades evenly distributed in the turbine, each of which is used to solidify two magnetic beads. In process of measurement, turbine shall rotate with blades and magnetic beads, so that flow meter shall make a corresponding frequency signal in proportion to flow by the Hall switch, and then transfer it into a current signal of 4~20mA which can be controlled and output by flow meter.

Turbine can directly contact fluid while low meter shall isolate from fluid to avoid leakage. The flow meter is added an intelligent micro-electronics chip to incorporate display, transmission and control together; meanwhile, it has many other advantages, like LCD backlight display, user-friendly interface not only capable of free parameter settings, self calibration, light bar display in percentage, but also achieving two pair of control output contact for relay to display  instantaneous flow, accumulated flow, etc., thereby, it can help users to monitor flow level conveniently and accurately.

Flow meters can be divided into two types, i.e., on-line type and plug-in type, according to the used diameter of pipe. On-line-type meter is suitable for pipe with a small diameter DN15~50, which can be mounted by flange or thread; plug-in type meter is applicable for pipe with a large diameter DN65~DN350,  an approximate joint just need to be soldered in pipeline, and then screw in level meter.  Users' can choose mounting mode according to on-site condition.

Main Technical Parameter

Applicable Range: on-line type:DN15~50; plug-in type:DN40~DN350 (subject to real goods)
Withstand Pressure: 1.0MPa
Accuracy: ≤1%(0.5~10m/s); <0.5%(0.3~0.5m/s)
Repeatability: 0.4% of measurement value
Operating Voltage: 24Vdc, 220V ac/dc (subject to real goods)
Power Loss: 3W(24Vdc), 5W(220Vac/dc)
Output Current: 4~20mA
Load Resistance: ≤750Ω (4~20mA output)
Relay: 0~2 pairs
Contact Capacity: 5A/250Vac, 5A/30Vdc
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ (500Vdc)
Connection Mode: thread or flange
Display Mode: 5+8 bit with bar and LCD backlight
Backlight Brightness: can be adjusted automatically in accordance with flow percentage
Turbine: POM
Enclosure: alloy
Ambient Condition:  -10℃~85℃, ≤95%RH, avoid strong corrosive gas
Protection Class for Wiring Box: IP65