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DSM series of magnetic memory switch


 No power, magnetic induction method, non-contact measurement, flexible and convenient to use.

With magnetic memory function, maintain the state action.

Good sealing, the protection class can up to IP67.


DSM series of magnetic memory switch include DSM11, DSM21, DSM31 and DSM32 four types. When the float containing center field which is moved (up or down) with the measuring media’s location roles in the magnetic memory switch (later referred to as the switch), its status will change (the normally open will close or the normally close will open). If the float continues to rise or fall, the switch will maintain the original state by the internal special magnetic modules. Only if the float’s center field roles in the switch on the opposite direction, the magnetic memory switch resets, this is the magnetic memory function. The switch realizes continuous alarm contact output by this function.

DSM11 magnetic memory switch has the function of magnetic memory which can remember the setting point to realize continuous alarm. It is widely used for measuring the displacement and level, alarm and control, etc. Our company specially selects a standard selection for customers, if you have some special requirementsto put in, please list us you photos and tables.
The main parameters:
Product Standard Table:
Configuration Type
Configuration name
Contact type
Open and close contact output
2  Action type Maintain
3 Contact capacity 40W
Particular Requirements for Product List:
Configuration Type
Configuration name
Contact type
Relay output
Contact type
Limiting current output
T21 Action type
T31 Contact capacity 100W
Special requires
Pls list photos
Contact type
Open and close contact
Relay output
Limiting current output
Contact state
Magnetic memory switch
Contact capacity
40W/220VAC, 40W/220VDC
1A/220VAC, 5A/24VDC
40W/220VAC, 40W/220VDC
Insulation resistance
When room temperature, ≥100MΩ
Action times
Case material
Aluminum, and the surface is treated by oxidation
Protection class