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PTS21 Precise Pressure Transmitter

Characteristics: Easy to install and compact size. Apply to the pressure measurement of a variety of gas and liquid (include the absolute pressure measurement).  Powerful and flexible. Strong pressure sensitivity: when the total range is less than 1MPa, it can bear ten times pressure  the range.


The transmitter adopts the dry ceramic capacitance transducer  as the measure unit, in the process of measurement, the pressure react on the firm and corrosion-attack ceramic diaphragm, and then the diaphragm emerge the flexible displacement. According to the principle that the amount of capacitance is inversely proportional to the distance of the opposite poles,we can conclude out a accurate voltage signal, then the transmitter change the signal into the current signal of 4-20mA.

Main Technical Parameter

Measurement Range

Max. Pressure:    piezoresistance: 7MPa  subject to real goods

                               ceramic  Piezoresistance: 30MPa, subject to real goods

Min Pressure:  ceramic capacitor: 10 KPa

Measurement Mode: gauge pressure; absolute
Overpressure Capacity
Max. Pressure:   10MPa (ceramic capacitor), 60MPa( ceramic  Piezoresistance)
Measurement  Accuracy
Accuracy Class: 0.1, 0.2 (ceramic capacitor)
                0.2, 0.5 ( ceramic  Piezoresistance)
Temperature Effect: ≤±0.07%FS/10℃
Stability:  0.25%FS/year
Operating Voltage: 12~36Vdc
Power Loss: 1W
Output Signal
Transmitting Current: 4~20mA; Max Current: 30mA
Load Resistance: ≤750Ω
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ (100VDC)
Connection Mode: thread      Connection Size:  M20×1.5,G1/2", etc..
Optional Transmitter: SN type: two-wire transmitter
Outlet Mode:  phoenix terminal
Wiring Box: SUS304 ;    Sensor: 316L
Sealing Material: flurorubber
Outlet Cable:   ≤Ф8
Operating Voltage: -10~80℃
Ambient Condition:10~85℃,≤85%RH, avoid strong corrosive gas
Protection Class for Wiring Box: IP65