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FCS21 Smart Thermal Flow Switch

Characteristics: Ability of automatic temperature compensation; Good stability; Qualitatively measurement; Using the scale formation-proof probe, strong ability of against stains;  Clear LCD backlight demonstration.

Profile:  Thermal Flow Switches, based on heat exchange principle, are built in a heating module and a temperature sensitive module. Thermal conductivity is closely linked to flowing speed of medium, e.g., temperature sensitive module shall receive a fixed thermal value if there is no flowing medium, on the other hand, the module shall receive a changing thermal value over flowing speed of medium. In process of measurement, temperature sensitive module shall measure the temperature from heat produced by heating module, and then thermal switch shall transfer temperature difference signal into a corresponding electrical signal, thereby displaying through indicators and controlling flowing speed.
FCS21 Smart Thermal Flow Switch is added with microelectronic smart chip, achiving the integration of displaying, transmission and controlling. Flow probe of flow switch and signal processor are integrated together. The probe is covered with a special anti scaling coating with high-pollution resistant property; Backlight LCD indicators display current flow speed; action value of the switch can be adjusted through a corresponding adjustment screw; the switch is provided with optional transistor or relay output manner.

Main Technical Parameter
Measurement Range:                water:0~3m/s
Maximum Pressure:                 10MPa
Corresponding Time for Temperature Change: ≤12s
Switch Time:                        ON, typical 2s (1~13s); OFF, typical 2s (1~15s)
Operating Voltage:                   24VDC, 220VAC/DC
Power Loss:                         5W (24Vdc), 6W(220VAC/DC)
Output Mode:                      4--20mA
                               2 couple of on/off   alarming contact
Contact Capacity:     5A/250VAC   1A/30VDC
Loading impedance:       <750   Ω         

Insulation Resistance:           100MΩ (100Vdc)
Connection Mode:               thread, G1/2"

Probe Material:             316L, the sensible heat part is platinum resistance

Indicator : 5+8 position cylindrical LCD diaplay

Enclosure Material:           Aluminium alloy and stainless steel
Ambient Temperature:           -40℃~80℃, ≤95%RH, avoid strong corrosive gas
Protection Class:                IP67