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BNA30 Magnetic Flap Level Gauge

Characteristics: It is polished, and the appearance is beautiful.
 The magnetic unit material is NdFeB which is used in Space station, the magnetic structure is special,
so the magnetic beam is centered in the line plan, the strength can be sustained.
 The output contact is with magnetic memory.
Installation of insert mode, easy to maintain. Operation without electricity. Matching with photo-electric sign, apply to the condition of dusky light.


MN magnetic flap level meters adopt side mounting through a bypass pipe which is characterized by its easy installation, high stability and reliability or top mounting through a guide rod. The level meter is completely isolated between the inside and outsider cavity, and added a sealed flange at its bottom which can be opened easily to clean up dirt, impunity, etc.. One way level meters and meters adopting top mounting for its guide rod , equipped with a pressure hole in the top connected with atmosphere, are suitable for measuring level of medium at room temperature and pressure; Two-way level meters can be made with a certain operating pressure according to customers' needs, and are suitable for measuring the liquid level of corrosive medium in places with high temperature, high humidity and high pressure. Level meters mainly consist of body of magnetic flat, display board of magnetic flat, floating ball, magnetic memory switch, ruler, etc.. In addition, an transmitter can be added according to customers' needs.
Side mounted magnetic bundle unit through a bypass pipe is placed inside of the floating ball, while top mounted magnetic bundle unit is connected with a floating ball. When the floating ball moves over liquid level, the magnetic bundle unit shall move along a level relay made up of a serial of magnetic module. Under the action of the magnetic unit, the magnetic module inside the level sensor shall make a corresponding action, output a changed resistor signal, and then transfer the signal into a current output signal of 4~20mA. Meanwhile, the level can be observed directly through the quartz tube, and a magnetic switch shall conduct a related action at the corresponding point, making alarming action and control output.

Main Technical Parameter

Measurement Range:          0~3000mm(max.) (subject to actual goods)
Operating Pressure:           Top mounting, one way, normal pressure 
                             Two way: 1.0MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa or 6.3 MPa, etc.. 
Resolution Ratio:              5mm 
Body Material:                SUS304 or 316L
Connection Manner:           Flange (subject to actual goods for special requirement)
Mounting Method:             One way or two way flange(thread)side mounting
Ambient Condition:      -20~80℃,≤95%RH  (avoid strong corrosive gas)
Measurement Range:            0~3000mm(Max.), optional
Measurement Accuracy:          5mm
Repeatability Deviation:          ±0.25%FS
Operating Voltage:              14~36Vdc
Maximum Power Loss:           5W
Output Signal:                  4~20Ma
Protective Tube for Sensor:       316L
Wiring Box:                     Aluminum
Load Resistance:                <750Ω
Insulation Resistance:           100MΩ(500Vdc)
Ambient Condition:              -20~60℃,≤95%RH,avoid strong corrosive gas
Protection Class:               IP67 
Magnetic Memory Switch
Contact Type:  Standard Type: a couple of open&close passive contact output.
              Current limiting output: with current limiting function and can be directly
              input as PLC.
              Active relay: extended contact output.
Contact Capacity:     open/close contact: 1A /220Vac,1A /220Vdc
                     current limiting output:1A /220Vac,1A /220Vdc
                     active relay: 5A/24Vdc,1A/220Vac
Contact State: magnetic memory keeping switch
Insulation Resistor: ≥100MΩ (Under normal temperature)
Number of Action: 107 times
Enclosure Material: Alloy with oxidized surface
Overall Size: 2000(height)*13(width) mm
Figure Size: 5(height)*2(width)mm
Ruler Material: PVC adhesive plastics film