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FSB11 unidirectional baffle-type flow switch

Characteristics: The baffle acts directly; High-capacity contact; Applicable for unidirectional clean liquid; Applicable for wide range of diameters pipe.

Profile: FSB11 unidirectional baffle-type flow switch works by adjusting bolt, it sets the action points of the velocity of flow, when the fluid flow according to the direction in the pipe, the fluid will promote the baffle deflection, when it deflects to the specified position, the micro switch will act and export on-off signals.

FSB11 unidirectional baffle-type flow switch can be widely applied to water, oil, gas, and other fluid's flow measurement. Wide range of flow switch, and easy adjustment. In the process of measurement, you should pay attention that the fluid should not have so much prehensile sundries, they would fetter the baffle, and affect the measurement. If there is no welding joint when installing, we suggest you to match steel welded joints.

The main technical parameters:

Suitable diameter: 1''--6''

Flow range: Low-speed: 20-1500L/min

                      High-speed: 36-2600L/min

Pressure: Max 1.0MPa

Joint dimensions: 1''

Output: 1 micro switch: ( 1 pair normally open and close contact)

Contact capacity: 5A/250VAC, 2.5A/125VDC

Insulation resistance: When 100VDC, 100MΩ

Material: Baffle material: SUS304

                 Sealing material: viton

Connection type: Thread

Temperature range: 0-100℃

Protection class: IP65