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DTC11 Ordinary Draw Wire Displacement Transmitter

Characteristics: Simply design, economical and practical, small and easy to install; High accuracy; The zeropoint and scale span can be adjusted flexibly; Dustproof and waterproof. Prevent loosing with winding damp.


Inside the sensor there are rotating shaft and high-precision potentiometer and the other. Rotating shaft is equipped with precision rotary force spring mechanism, it give a force which is greater than 0.3Kg continuing acting on the pull-line which is ensuring the cable is always in straightened state, and also the pull-line is maintained equality by the high-precision mechanical structure. When measuring, if the linear displacement or angular displacement changes, the cable will flex to drive the shaft rotating. Then the potentiometer will produce variable linear resistance signal. Then the transmitter will change this variable linear resistance signal into standard current or voltage signal and export it.

Simply design, high accuracy, displacement can be as long as 3m, flexible to adjust the zeropoint and scale span, small and easy to install, DTC11 Ordinary  Draw Wire Displacement Transmitter is really an economical and practical product.

Our company specially selected a standard selection for customers, if you need special requirement to put in, please give us your schedule with images and tables.

The main parameters:

Product Standard Table:

Configuration Type
Configuration name
Working Voltage

Particular Requirements for Product List:

Configuration Type
Configuration name
Special requirement
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Working Voltage


Maximum Power

1W(current output), 2W(voltage output)

Accuracy Class



0.15%FS per year

Output Signal

420mA, 010VDC, 01KΩ

Load Resistance

<750Ω(current), >5000Ω(voltage)

Insulation Resistance

When 100VDC, >100MΩ

Cable tension


Cable materials


Environmental conditions

-10~85℃, 95%RH, Avoid corrosive gas

Storage temperature


Protection class