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PTS30 series Dial Plate Pressure Transmitter

Characteristics: Smart digital pressure measurement instrument: flexible to use; easy to regulate and the operation is simple. The appearance is exquisite, and having smart menu and the function of self-correction, and self-diagnosis. Having vertical PTS31 and embedded PTS32, can satisfy different demand. It can replace the pressure gauge totally, having the analog function, equipped with remote output contact.


    PTS30 dial-type pressure transmitter is a multifunction product which is integrating the pressure measuring, display, control in one. It is an intelligent digital pressure measuring instruments: flexible to use, easy to regulate, and the operation is simple. The display screen adopt the way which the main screen and the vice screen showing at the same time. When working, the main screen shows the parameter values, and the vice screen shows the control word of the parameters. Every control output contact includes 1 normally open contact, 1 normally close contact and 1 alarm indicator. At the same time, it can deploy the most 5 alarm control contact and 4--20mA standard current output according to the user's requirements. If you have special demand, we can also make it.

Main Technical Parameter

Max. Pressure:  ceramic capacitor: 7MPa (subject to real goods)
                             diffusion silicon: 25MPa, (subject to real goods)
Min. Pressure:   ceramic capacitor: 10KPa
Measurement Method:  gauge pressure, absolute pressure
Overpressure Capability:  ceramic capacitor: 10 times measurement range
                                               diffusion silicon: 2 times measurement range
Accuracy Class: ceramic capacitor: 0.1, 0.2
                              diffusion silicon: 0.2, 0.5
Temperature Effect: ceramic capacitor ≤±0.1%FS/10℃
                                     diffusion silicon: ≤±0.2%FS/10℃
Stability:  ceramic capacitor: ≤±0.1%FS per year
                diffusion capacitor: ≤±0.2%FS per year
Operating Voltage:24Vdc,220Vac/dc (optional)
Power Loss; 5W
Output Signal:4~20mA, RS485 communication (optional)
Number of Contact:  0~8 pcs
Load Resistance:  <750Ω
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ (350Vdc)
Connection Mode: thread
Connection Size: M20×1.5, G1/2″
Display Mode: LED display
Resolution Ratio: ±1 byte
Outlet Mode: Phoenix terminal
Wiring Box:  Alloy
Enclosure of Sensor: 304L  
Sealing Material: fluororubber, Buna-N rubber
Operating Temperature:  -10~80℃
Ambient Condition: -10~85℃, ≤95%RH, avoid strong corrosive gas
Protection Class for Wiring Box: IP65