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BNA10 single-pass series magnetic flap level gauge

Characteristics: It is polished, and the appearance is beautiful.
 The magnetic unit material is NdFeB which is used in Space station, the magnetic structure is special,
so the magnetic beam is centered in the line plan, the strength can be sustained.
 The output contact is with magnetic memory. It is suitable for measuring the liquid level which is in non-pressure

Profile: The body of the BNA11 single–pass magnetic flap level gauge and the measuring media are connected by a
bypass tube, to make the media level in the body is consistence to the external media. At the top of the level
gauge body there is opening a cited pressure hole which is used to connect with atmospheric, which is suitable
for atmospheric pressure environment. In the bottom of the body, there is adding a bottom flange, to easy
maintain (open the bottom flange and clean the precipitate).
Our company specially selected a standard selection for customers, if you need special requirement to put in,
please give us your schedule with images and tables.

Main technical parameters:

Connection type: Flange, if it is thread and non-standard, please list your figure and table.

Body material: SUS304,316L

Rule material: PVC,SUS304 rule

Working voltage: Atmospheric pressure

Temperature range: -40--100℃

Float: The float type is selected by our company.

Transmitter: You can choose MN, MH and ML transmitter.