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ASV14 multifunction check valve

Characteristics: Multifunction check valve is usually installed at the pump outlet, with hydraulic
automatic control, slowly open when starting the pump; when stopping the pump,
first fast closing and then slowly closing.
 The multifunction check valve also have functions that water hammer eliminator
on pump outlet, cut-off valve and check valve has.
  The multifunction check valve can realize the valve closing and pump starting function.
 The main valve body uses Y-form dual-chamber diaphragm structure, the seal is soft seal, which has good effect
and ensure the valve zero leakage.
 The material of the main valve body is ductile iron which has high strength and toughness and can bear high
pressure and mechanical pressure.
 The main valve body uses semi-flow Y-form design, the flow resistance is small, and the head loss is less than
1m water column (when the velocity of flow is about 2m/s).
 When the valve appears the diaphragm rupture and endoleak, it can be maintained but not unload form pipeline.
You can replace the diaphragm only open the valve cover, diaphragm plate and some control pipeline.
 If the valve appears endoleak or JAM when used for a long time, you only need open separation disc to replace
O-form sealing ring and clack valve sealing ring, which is easy maintenance.

Profile: Multifunction valve is a new type of two-stage closing valve. When the pump
stops, the valve closing is divided fast close and slowly close in two stages. When
the pump is stopping at the moment, the big clack valves are quickly stopped in
first stage to avoid producing water hammer because of the valve’s quickly closing; in second stage, the small
clack valves are slowly and safely closed, and the closing speed can be adjusted.

Main technical parameters:

Working pressure: 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa
The lowest working pressure:0.05MPa
Suitable medium:Clean water, polluted water
Suitable temperature:0~80℃
Partial flow resistance coefficient:≤1.0