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ASV12 electric switch reducing valve

Characteristics: It is high pressure resistance and has a good ability of pollution resistance. Even if it does not act for a long time, it
still would not be scale formation and failure to operate, it requires lower water quality.
 ESV31 three-way reversing ball valve is with manual function, it also has the function of opening and closing the
signal contact output.
 It can reduce the higher upstream pressure to a stable and lower downstream pressure.
 It is not affected by the upstream pressure and the flow change.
 It reduced dynamic pressure and static pressure.
 It uses dual channel stainless steel Y-form filter, has the function of online cleaning and replacing the filter. Even
in poor water quality conditions, the valve also can be working.

Profile: The connection conduit  of  ASV12 electric switch reducing valve is high-pressure hose,
which has the function of easy connection, easy maintain, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.
The hose connector material is stainless steel, other connectors such as the straight connector
and curved connector are stainless steel or brass.

Technical parameters:

Valve body:Magnesium iron spraying plastics
Guide sleeve:Brass or 304 stainless steel
Sealing washer:NBR
Valve pole 1:SUS304
Diaphragm:Enhancement of natural rubber
Diaphragm plate:Magnesium iron spraying plastics
Valve pole 2:SUS304
Seal head:SUS304
Upper bolt:SUS304
Lower bolt:SUS304
Valve clack:Magnesium iron spraying plastics
Valve seat:SUS304

Control method: electric with manual, manual
Working power: 220VDC, 220VAC, 24VDC
Valve material: 304 stainless steel
Pressure class: PN40
Thread connection: R1/2″
Suitable temperature: -20~100℃
Environmental temperature: 30%RH~95%RH
Protection class: IP65