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ASV13 silencing slow-closure check valve

Characteristics: The control loop uses stainless steel pipeline connection, which can bear high
pressure and impact, and would not cause intense pressure fluctuations in the
system (even if the closing speed is fast), and will not produce dangerous water
hammer impact in the downstream of the valve.
 Both effectively protect the system from water hammer impacting, and prevent
the regorge impacting the pump frame and the pump bladed. When the system
is restarted, it makes the system slowly pressurized to further prevent the
pressure fluctuations.

Profile: The pump control valve’s opening and closing speed can be adjusted according to different system conditions in order
to avoid the pressure fluctuations which is caused by the pump’s opening (or closing down) and the valve’s suddenly
closing (or opening).
When the upstream pressure is greater than the downstream pressure (pump start), the valve will be slowly opened
to make the downstream pipeline slowly pressurized.
When the downstream pressure is greater than the upstream pressure (pump shut down or external power down) to
produce the water hammer, the valve will automatically close with a slowly and adjustable speed.