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ASV11 electric switch valve

Characteristics: Take ESV31 three-way electric reversing ball valve as control mechanism, compared with the solenoid valve, it
is high pressure resistance and has a good ability of pollution resistance. Even if it does not act for a long time, it
still would not be scale formation and failure to operate, it requires lower water quality.
 ESV31 three-way reversing ball valve is with manual function, it also has the function of opening and closing the
signal contact output.
 It uses dual channel stainless steel Y-form filter, has the function of online cleaning and replacing the filter. Even
in poor water quality conditions, the valve also can be working.

Technical parameters:

Working pressure 1.6MPa (2.5MPa for particular demand)
Matching flange: no
Filter Single channel
Contact capacity: 5A/ 250VAC
Control method: electric with manual, manual
Working power: 220VDC, 220VAC, 24VDC
Valve material: SUS304
Pressure class: PN40
Thread connection: R1/2″
Suitable temperature: -20~100℃
Environmental temperature: 30%RH~95%RH
Protection class: IP65

4. ESV31 electric ball valve manual functions
ESV31 electric ball valve has manual function, when the
power is down, if you want to operate ESV electric valve you
can use hexagon spanner to turn ESV31 three-way ball
valve’s manual device to realize the manual operation.
ESV31 electric ball valve’s manual knob is located on one
side of the electric actuator, when the manual knob is
unscrewed, you can use 4mm hexagon spanner to turn the
manual knob to enforce the manual operation.