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DTP11 lever displacement transmitter


The linear accuracy can up to five thousandths

A variety of output type can be selected

With very high resolution and can not be interfered easily by external noise.


Simply design, high accuracy, sflexible t ......more

DTM11 Magnetostrictive Displacement Transmitter


To prevent lighting strikes, anti-RF interference.  Compact structure, environmental adaptability. Easy for installation, no periodic calibration and maintenance. Cost-effective. Non-contact measurement, long life. High accura ......more

DTN11 Angular Displacement Transmitter


 Compact, easy for installation, economical and practical.

Easy to maintain. High accuracy.


DTN11 high-precision angular displacement transmitter is widely used for measuring the angle, position, built-in spiale, and high precision potentiometer etc, the spiale make the potentiometer move and output changable linear resistance signal, then ......more

DDT11 differential transformer displacement transmitter


Non-contact measurement, long life. With DC single supply and built-in high performance signal demodulator. The measurement range is 1-500mm, high -resolution and good repetitiveness.


DDT11 differential transformer displacement transmitter packages the oscillator, phase sensitive demodulator and differential transformer (LVDT) together. Only supply stable DC power supply can be get exporting DC voltage which is linear relationship with the displacement.

When the primary winding accesses the AC, because of the mutual inductance,  the two secondary windings will respectively produce EMF E2--1 and E2--2. It will get a curve which ......more

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