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ASV15 deluge alarm valve

Characteristics: It has anti-reset automatic locking function: the valve is match a anti-reset
controller, when the solenoid valve or manual ball valve is opened in
case of fire, if the solenoid valve or manual ball valve is closed because
of the malfunction, because the anti-reset controller is closing, so the
pressure in the main valve control chamber can’t rise, so the deluge valve
has been always turned on.
 The reset operation is simple
 Long life: the diaphragm of the valve uses high intensity nylon rubber, there would not be fatigue damage even
if the diaphragm in ......more

ASV16 remote float level control valve

The main valve is controlled by a float, which is location in the water
tank or reservoir, and be adjusted to the required highest level. The
valve always maintains the highest level that set.

ASV17 fast atmospheric valve

This valve will quickly open when the pressure in pipe network is more than the
safety value, to release the overload pressure in pipe network. When the pressure
in pipe network is normal, the valve will slowly close by adjustable speed.

ASV18 flow control valve

Whether the upstream or downstream pressure and the water content change,
  this flow control valve can maintain a constant setting flow, meeting the requires
  which need stable flow working.
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